An Invitation for Investment in our Future Regional Leaders

 The Flint Hills Regional Leadership Program (FHRLP) consists of an in depth educational structure including six regional sessions and an interactive session with key decision makers in Topeka.  The seven sessions, for a total of nine days, are balanced from September through February. Class members are required to attend each session, complete pre-seminar reading or work assignments, participate in team building and problem-solving activities, evaluate seminars and report highlights and lessons learned to the board, social media, and organizations they may belong to.

Please make gifts payable and mail to the address FHRLP PO Box 1554 Manhattan KS 66505-1554 or, for itemized returns and tax deduction consideration make your check payable to the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation with FHRLP Fund in the Memo line and mail to: GMCF PO BOX 1127 MANHATTAN KS 66505-1127.

Your consideration and investment is greatly appreciated and will reap mutual benefit

Jack Lindquist, Executive Director


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Alumni Dues $50.00 USD
General Donation $100.00 USD
Session Logistics $300.00 USD
In County Transport $500.00 USD
Topeka Transportation $750.00 USD
Session Underwriter $1,000.00 USD
Orientation or Graduation Underwriter $5,000.00 USD
Tuition Fee $600.00 USD

STAY CONNECTED:  https://www.facebook.com/fhrlp.org