Flint Hills Regional Leadership Program 2016-17


For the Flint Hills area of Kansas to grow and prosper, leaders from all backgrounds and vocations are needed to tackle the challenges facing our region. The goal of the Flint Hills Regional Leadership Program is to motivate traditional and non-traditional leaders by teaching 21st century leadership skills.  This is done through information, dialogue, and hands-on experience so our leaders of tomorrow are best prepared to strengthen and transform our communities.

Our future depends on solid leadership that has a broad-based understanding of needs and resource management to meet those needs.  The Flint Hills Regional Leadership Program takes emerging leaders through a series of sessions that enhances team building, mediation, and collaboration skills while building communication and image presentation abilities and community decision making skills.

This annual program develops the leadership skills necessary to help the Flint Hills region become the best place in Kansas to live, work, and raise our children!

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