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Flint Hills Regional Leadership Program Adds Wabaunsee County
Alma, Kansas
14 February 2022

Nearly three decades ago, regional political, business and civic leaders, seeing the need to develop and encourage young leaders, formed the Flint Hills Regional Leadership Program. Since that time, more than 610 men and women have attended seminars and workshops to build teams, improve communication and decision-making skills, and expand their understanding of the region. Graduates now serve in local governments, businesses, schools, and more across the region.

Originally formed around three members – Geary, Pottawatomie, and Riley Counties, for the last several months, the Program’s Board considered opportunities to expand. Several county representatives, including leaders from Clay, Dickinson, Marshall, Morris, and Wabaunsee Counties, approached Mr. Jack Lindquist, the Executive Director, or individual board members with requests to join. “This alone is an amazing reflection of admiration for what we do,” said Lindquist.

On February 4, 2022, the Board selected Wabaunsee County as its newest member. The Board chose Wabaunsee County because of its geographic and economic ties to the original three members. In addition, the County represents a rural and agricultural perspective not fully explored by the program’s current schedule. By joining, all Wabaunsee County residents are eligible to participate.

In his request, Wabaunsee County Commission Chairman Joel Fager stated, “the Board of County Commissioners believes that admission into the program would serve two important goals. First, by expanding our resident’s ability to participate, we are investing in young business, community and government leaders who will define the future of our county. Second, by serving as an event host, we can deepen the understanding our neighbors have of our unique challenges and opportunities.”

This fall, Wabaunsee County will host the next class for a day to explore common local themes – prairie utilization and preservation, agricultural practices and businesses, rural entrepreneurship, and other topics important to its residents. This will be a great opportunity to educate others on the challenges and opportunities local residents, farmers, ranchers, and families encounter every day as well as their contributions to the region and the state.

Wabaunsee County residents who are interested in learning more can visit the Flint Hills Regional Leadership Program website at https://fhrlp.org/ or by contacting the Wabaunsee County Office of Economic Development at 785.765.4655.

Article by Jim MacGregor COL USA (ret.), Wabaunsee County Economic Development
And Jack Lindquist, Executive Director of the Flint Hills Regional Leadership Program