Wabaunsee County Added to FHRLP Programming Coalition

FHRLP Adds WABAUNSEE County to Programming

 During the fall of 2021, the Flint Hills Regional Leadership Program board meeting included the reoccurring discussion of contacts requesting consideration to be added to the  program area.  Several county representatives, including leaders from Dickinson,  Morris, Wabaunsee, Marshall, and Clay County, had approached the program director or board members with requests.  “This alone is an amazing reflection of admiration for what we do”, said Executive Director Jack Lindquist.

Wabaunsee County, it was decided, would be the the only  logical expansion option if a decision was to be made at this time.  Wabaunsee County is the only “bid” that actually connects contiguously with all three original host counties, Geary, Riley and Pottawatomie.

Wabaunsee County Commission Board Chair Joel Fager stated in the formal request, “The Board of County Commissioners believes that admission into the program would serve two important goals.  First, by expanding our resident’s ability to participate, we are investing in young business, community and government leaders who will define the future of our county.  Second, by serving as an event host, we can deepen the understanding our neighbors have of our unique challenges and opportunities.”

The Wabaunsee County option was officially approved by the board of directors on February 4, 2022.  The addition will add a deeper dive into the regions natural environment, specifically prairie utilization and preservation.  It will also greatly increase engagement in rural community entrepreneurship and the agricultural / beef production economy, all critical to the future of the Flint Hills.