2021-22 Class Application Period is CLOSED


May 14, 2021

FHRLP Class of 2021-22 Recruiting

The board of directors for the Flint Hills Regional Leadership Program is pleased to announce the application period for the 2021-22 class offering will take place May 15-July 24.

“For the North Central Flint Hills area of Kansas to grow and prosper, leaders from all backgrounds and vocations are needed to tackle the challenges facing our region.  The goal of the Flint Hills Regional Leadership Program is to motivate traditional and non-traditional leaders by teaching 21st century leadership skills.  This is done through information, dialogue, skill building and hands-on experiences, so our leaders of tomorrow are best prepared to strengthen and transform our communities”, says Jack Lindquist, Executive Director.

The annual program develops the leadership skills necessary to help the Flint Hills region become the best place in Kansas to live, work, and raise our children, according to the website.  Sessions for the selected class members are held throughout the region with Orientation beginning at Rock Springs Ranch and Junction City in mid-September. The remaining six sessions follow every 3 weeks with graduation in February.

The program had a successful experience for the FHRLP Class of 2020-21 due to new technologies and the implementation of Covid-19 Pandemic safety protocols.  “Life is full of risk as is leadership…but, taking care of self and others is a prerequisite to advancing our population into a more positive future”, said board chair and alumnus Chris Bowman.   “Not only is safely opening the economic drivers of our region important, so too is face-to face leadership training to help our population move positively into uncharted waters.  The Flint Hills Regional Leadership Program follows all CDC and local recommendations for health screening, mask wearing when advised and stringent sanitation practices”, Bowman added.  “All applicants must agree to adhere to CDC and Health Department protocols. Vaccinations are strongly encouraged with the final dose completed 15 days prior to the opening session.”  

A link on the program homepage www.fhrlp.org allows for contributions to support the upcoming class.  The same PayPal link allows for alumni dues to be paid with accumulated funds to be applied towards the Ailleen Cray Memorial Scholarship Fund.

(Amended 7/14)

Application Problems

Visit the website for more information <www.fhrlp.org> and follow the instructions to upload an introduction video with your application before the deadline of July 24:

*Due to a glitch in our on-line application process, we are extending the application due-date to Saturday, July 24. Apparently recent upgrades to some business and military cyber security systems (on applicants work computers) are preventing them from uploading a large attachment file like the introductory video. It appears that new or enhanced security firewalls are working well.

Instructions for uploading your introductory video: From a home based private computer, pre-record your video and save the file. Use the link at bottom of application page when prompted to upload your video file. If the pre-recorded file is on your phone, send it as a text attachment to me and I will post it for you.

My cell is 785-770-2425.

If you have to follow the cell attachment steps, we recommend typing a note into a word document and state that you are sending the video to the Executive Director directly, then put that note in the video attachment upload button when you complete the online application form. Next forward your video file as an attachment from your cell to my cell.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


PS. To speed up the process, we also advise people to first set up a Google account.  Next access the form with the button at the bottom of the apply page.  Print screen shots of the questions.  Close the form and type the answers in a computer Word or note pad app, record the introduction video on your phone and send the file to the laptop or desktop.  Reopen the application form, cut and paste the answers and upload the prerecorded video when asked.  Application can be done in 10 minutes that way.


Flint Hills Regional Leadership Program

Jack Lindquist, Executive Director

1310A Westloop Pl #101

Manhattan KS 66502

Email: director@fhrlp.org