2020-21 Class Recruitment


The Flint Hills Regional Leadership Program application period for the 2020-21 class offering is open May 15 ‪through July 16. ‬

Why is it important?
“The Flint Hills Regional Leadership Program is based in the north central Flint Hills and Kaw Valley. Over the past several years the area was the fastest growing region of our state. Given our current state of affairs during the COVID19 Pandemic, we have never had more opportunity or greater need for well informed, collaborative, decisive leadership. That is possible through our 21st Century proactive servant leadership development process.”

What do participants gain from the experience?
The Flint Hills Regional Leadership program develops and motivates future leaders with special emphasis on:
1.) Awareness of regional strengths and resources.
2.) Economic development and building entrepreneurial spirit.
3.) Encouragement of friendships and networking between persons from all parts of the region to eliminate destructive parochialism.
4.) Understanding and commitment to Servant Leadership.
5.) Acquisition of 21st Century Leadership skills.
6.) Completion of a class project.

Each participant will learn more about the region and will meet the present and future leaders of surrounding communities.

Who is Qualified?
The non-profit educational program is designed to train and more-fully engage leaders that live in and/or work in the region that includes Fort Riley, Geary, Riley, and Pottawatomie counties.

What do participants gain from the training sessions, leadership exposure and classmate interaction?
Alumnus Sample Response: “I became acquainted with people whose paths I would’ve never crossed and developed lasting relationships. Despite living in the area since the mid-1990’s, there were so many things I learned about the Flint Hills region and why it is such a vital area to the Sunflower State. Our sessions brought to light new methods of teamwork and personal growth. I truly feel a greater bond to this area because of my experience and interaction with the individuals, businesses and government agencies who give of their time to help develop better leaders. This opportunity cemented the importance of being involved in our communities and region.”

What is the cost?
Sessions are Underwritten through generous support from our hosts and a group of dedicated business leaders. Tuition covers the remaining costs.
Tuition is normally $600 payable after selection. But, during the COVID-19 Pandemic and recovery period, the FHRLP board of directors has accessed an internal grant from endowment funds to reduce tuition by 50%, making it $300. For nominees and applicants from non-profit organizations, the Ailleen Cray Memorial Scholarship Fund, made possible thanks to alumni dues, will provide an additional 50% scholarship. This additional support will reduce costs for non-profit candidatesand non sponsored candidates to a tuition fee level of $150. This effort will provide greatly needed assistance to all class members accepted.

How do people learn more and apply?
Instructions and program details are available on the site as well as the form for application. The on-line form must be submitted ‪before July ‬17. Interested candidates are encouraged to learn more about the program by visiting the website:


When do activities for those selected get underway?
Following selection the next class members will be introduced in late August. Sessions for the selected class members are held throughout the region beginning 3 weeks later. The 7 sessions follow every 3 weeks with graduation in February.

What are the session objectives?

Orientation retreat – mid September
Rock Springs State 4-H Center, Day 1
Learning Styles/True Colors/Team Building/SWOT Introduction
Junction City/ Geary County – Day 2
Team Leadership Opportunities, Case-in-point Tours

Pottawatomie County – early October
Community Collaboration – Adapting to Opportunities and Challenges

Kansas State University – late October
Visioning – Creating our future with Investment in Education/Research

Fort Riley – The 3rd week of November
Servant Leadership Conflict Prevention/Management – Threat Assessment /Negotiation Skills

Manhattan/Riley County – early December
Entrepreneurship –Infrastructure Investment

Topeka – mid January
Economic Literacy, Collaboration & Compromise Celebration

MANHATTAN (current rotation) CELEBRATION Session

“We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges!”


Flint Hills Regional Leadership Program
Jack Lindquist, Executive Director
PO Box 1554
Manhattan KS 66505-1554